Meet our Instructors


From 2005 – 2011 Briona studied Tribal Fusion and American Tribal Style Bellydance with Graziela Calis (Hipcircles Bellydance) and Marius Griffin (Rashenkoti). In 2011 Briona co-founded Suadela Bellydance, along with April, Siobhan O, Siobhan K and Doireann.  Briona has been teaching tribal bellydance since 2013 and feels fortunate to have witnessed students grow from beginner bellydancers to accomplished performers. Briona is a regular performer with Suadela Bellydance and also dances and tours with The Underscore Orkestra and Lowlek.

Briona is committed to continuing her own development. She travelled to Portland in 2016 and 2017 to complete the 8 Elements Training with Rachel Brice and is now certified in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Briona participated in Alexis Southall’s 2015 Juniper Project and has recently completed Alexis’ Tribal Fusion Education Programme. Briona has travelled extensively to study with prolific bellydancers, including Rachel Brice, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez, Olivia Kissel, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappell, Kristine Adams, Heather Stants, Orchidaceae, Hilde Canoodt, Alexis Southall, Patricia Zarnovican, Sharon Kihara, Kari Unmata, Lamia Barbara and Mat Jacob. She also attended drum workshops with master percussionist Issam Houshan and completed a drumming and dance certification course with Hossam and Serena Ramzy in 2011.

Briona currently teaches the improver / intermediate classes . Classes are taught in 6 week blocks and each course focuses on a different topic, including improvisation, choreography, tribal fusion drilling, and props. Students are encouraged to identify topics they would like to work on, in order to participate in their own learning process. Students are also given an opportunity to perform as part of Suadela Bellydance Student Troupe.    


Jane studied American Tribal Style Bellydance with Marius Griffin (Rashenkoti) from 2005-2011.  During this time, while taking classes with Rósín Corrigan (Apollonia Tribal Bellydance), she discovered Tribal Fusion Bellydance.  Jane further enhanced her skills through the exploration of different dance forms and from 2011-2012 studied/performed solo taking a particular interest in Indian Bharatanatyam dance.  She joined the Suadela Troupe in 2012 and has been teaching since May 2016. Jane is dedicated to continual development of all aspects of her bellydance and has studied with Jill Parker, Ashley Lopez, Orchidaceae and Ambrosia Tribal.  She has a particular interest in performance costume and has studied stage makeup and theatrical dance costuming with Vesna Zorman (Ambrosia – Art in Motion).  Jane strongly promotes cross-training and has taken part in ballet and contemporary dance.  She practices capoeira and is a member of Grupo Candeias, Ireland. Jane regularly tours with The Underscore Orkestra and has performed extensively throughout Australia and Europe.  She has worked with the Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow, The Infinity Program, Foxy P. Cox and has taken to the stage at festivals such as Electric Picnic, Rainbow Serpent (Australia), TribaLX (Portugal) and Boomtown Fair (UK).  Aside from regular performance with Suadela, Jane has also collaborated with live musicians Jorge Kachmari, Lowlek, Oíche Samhain and The Vincent(s). Jane is devoted to teaching the fundamentals of bellydance and currently teaches the beginners classes on Tuesday evenings.  Classes are taught in 6 week blocks.  These classes provide students with a solid foundation in bellydance with a Tribal Fusion aesthetic.    


Isabelle started learning Tribal Bellydance in 2014 with Suadela Bellydance. She fell in love with ATS® and it became her main focus. She left her Corkonian dance cocoon for some dancing adventures overseas and attended a number of ATS® intensives and workshops in Warsaw, Rome, Viareggio, Valladolid and Dublin to study with FCBD dancers such as Kae Montgomery, Kristine Adams, Sandi Ball and Kelsey S. Suedmeyer (over 80 hours). A lot of sweat, tears, laughs, self-doubt, unforgettable memories, inspiring encounters with like-minded people and a fantastic sense of belonging, and this is what it takes to come back as a new person, a new dancer. Eager to explore other dance styles to gain knowledge and find room for her personal expression she also studied Tribal Fusion and ITS with Alexis Southall and has been a student of Alexis' Tribal Fusion Education Program (TFEP) in 2016-17.

She attended tribal fusion workshops in Cork, Dublin and at Tribal Umrah in Viareggio to study with Jill Parker, Ashley Lopez, Patricia Zarnovican, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara and Kami Liddle. She also attended workshops with Devi Mamak in Warsaw at Tribal Hafla to study ATS® and her flamenco inspired Tribal Fusion combos and has taken ballet classes. Because belonging to a community is a lot about giving back and supporting others she built and shared a suite of apps (browser, IOS and android) available online to enable students to check ATS® steps in YouTube videos. She started performing with the Suadela Student troupe in April 2015 and joined as a full troupe member in June 2016 and has performed for local Cork events and at Irish festivals : Knockanstockan and the Jerry Fish Sideshow at Electric Picnic. She has also performed solo in the UK at the TFEP showcase and in Warsaw at Tribal Hafla.

Isabelle just passed her ATS® General skills Classic and Modern and Teacher Training certification in Essex, UK. She teaches ATS® in Cork city wants to continue to work on her dance skills, keep attending workshops worldwide and meet fellow dancers from all over the world.



Dawn was trained as a dancer and musician since she was 9 years old. With long history of engagement with Chinese traditional dance, ballet, jazz, contemporary and fitness course including aerobics, yoga, Pilates, Dawn has gained solid foundation as a dancer and systematic knowledge as a body trainer. Oriental belly dance came into Dawn's life since 2010 and from then on Dawn has highly devoted herself to purse her profession as a Bellydancer.

Dawn first studied with Chinese bellydancer Annabella Lin for 2 years and has gained professional certificate as a Bellydance teacher. She has studied with famous Chinese dancers such as Xiuqing Sheng, Feifei, Summer Xia, and world ranked top bellydancers such as Diva Darina, Alex Delors, Jinhee Kim, Kristina Rozum, Elena Pirogova, Aida Bogamalova, Alla Vatc, Suraiya Ibrahim, Alla Kushnir.

Dawn's teaching of Bellydance started from early 2013. She founded her own Dance studio since 2014 in China and has trained professional dance teachers in China since 2015. With her academic background as a linguistic, musician, writer, language teacher and philosopher, Dawn digs deep into the knowledge of muscle, breath, gravity for each technique and she tries her best way of expression to pass on the knowledge to students and inspire them as sensible dancers.

Dawn is a very experienced performer, her emotional expression as a dancer has gained great fame in China and she has won a variety of competitions: Hong Kong 8th International Bellydance competition (2015); all 4 categories at Chinese National Bellydance competition of Hubei - Classical Style, Baladi, Pop Song, Egyptian Folk Song, (2016), Top Star Bellydance Compeition in China (2016)

In 2016 Dawn moved to Ireland and started her teaching with Suadela Bellydance.She currently teaches the beginner, intermediate and performance Oriental classes. Dawn's aim of dance teaching is to share happiness and positive energies with students. She believes performances can always bring fun and confidence to dancers, so her students are highly encouraged to perform with Suadela Bellydance Student Troupe.

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